Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Jersey has a "Jones" for Salt, But Can't Act

The U.S. has a  law that protects... no one, actually.

The Jones Act.

It may help some unions a little bit, but not really.  The main point seems to be to protect U.S. pride in a shipping industry it doesn't (and shouldn't) have.  This fellow...he's not good.  This fellow, not surprisingly, is more sensible.

I can't blame DHS, tho.  They have to enforce the law as it's written.  There is no "common sense" ground for a waiver.  So this, I think, is mistaken.  For once, the administration is actually enforcing the law.


John Thacker said...

Sen. McCain is very good on the Jones Act, repeatedly sponsoring bills to repeal it completely, and talking about how awful it is. I defy you to find anyone who voted for him on the basis of liking his Jones Act position, though, partially explaining why it doesn't get repealed.

John Covil said...

The law has prompted fierce debate over the years, with opponents painting it as anti-competitive and a boon for unions, while supporters still see it as vital to national security."

Anytime you hear the words "vital to national security" you should take it with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

Can't Emperor Obama just ignore this LAW as he has done repeatedly to others. Just issue a decree or edict with a stroke of his pen is in order.