Sunday, February 02, 2014

Super Bowl

If you are at the game, you can't watch the game on your electronic device, to make sure that all those people who want to send blurry selfies can get access to the network.

One has to have priorities.

I'm a little surprised, though:  Why go to the game if you are going to watch the game on your iPad?  Some possible answers (what do YOU think?):

1.  To watch the commercials
2.  To hear the commentary
3.  To see replays more accurately
4.  (Your answer here!)

Lagniappe:  This Budweiser ad is treacly, sickly sweet.   But it made me laugh.

Nod to Susan L. for both links.


Yancey Ward said...

Unless you have really good seats, the televised game is much, much better than seeing it live.

Pelsmin said...

80K+ fans streaming video would consume about 90Gig of bandwidth, which is high by any standard. Even the biggest data centers don't use more than about 40G of bandwidth, so this isn't something that can be thrown together for an afternoon.
And the WiFi can't handle it either. With 900 hotspots, the stadium has up to 200 people sharing each link, which offer maybe 54Mbps. Allowing video would shut the place down.

Doesn't answer why they would WANT to stream video. Just why they can't.

Anonymous said...

We attended the 2009 Super Bowl (after 2008 season). Back then, analog TV still worked and I took a little TV about the size of an iPad mini in with me.

It was great! I could see all the replays that they weren't showing on the stadium displays and get additional information on player status (injuries, etc.)

We were very popular as other fans crowded around to watch replays.