Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Insane person forces way into home, rambles, makes up stuff, tries to steal time.  It happened here, to a poor fellow.  Happened to me, too, in 2000.  The "excited delirium" guy's name was George W. Bush, in my case.

2.  We outsource to China and India.  Russia outsources to Coca-Cola.

3.  If a dog has two noses, can he sniff twice as many hineys?


4.  If Jeopardy! is a game, what's wrong with gaming it?

5.  If all you could do is talk in movie titles, could you still break up?  It turns out the answer is "Yes."

6.  Classic Corvettes in the maw of a vengeful God.  Hard to watch.  So I watched it twice.

7.  Wacky Valentines!

8.  Women scorned?   But then, they wanted a little more than a "Wacky Valentine," I guess.

9.  Women feel bad because they don't look like Barbie?  Really?  Then shouldn't men feel bad that they don't look like Batman.  Oh.  That's right.  Men all think they really DO look like Batman.

10.  You can see why the Obamacare folks were worried that a lot of people would sign up, sort of, and then not pay.  Because it turn out a lot of people signed up, sort of, and then did not pay!

11.  Detroit is not a failure of capitalism.  Detroit is what happens when you try to make capitalism illegal.  Of course, it's still not as bad as New Orleans, which has never actually tried capitalism, or anything else except theft.

12.  Henry Miller is all grouchy about the NSF.

13.  Woman (from "Licking County," I hasten to note) changes name to "Sexy."  I'm going to change my name to "Skinny."  I'll let you know how that works out.

14.  Do students use more drugs in high stress times?  Interestingly, they use drugs that manage the stress, or something like that.

15.  Convenient that her name was "Pam."  (You will not find this on, follks!)

16.  Putting the "Long Green" back into green energy:  a recipe for corruption.

17.  Toby Keith's song, "I love this bar" is one I like.  I hope they played it here.

18.  First the birds are sliced.  Then they are cooked.  It sounds like McDonalds, but it's the "new" energy sources that we subsidize with tax dollars.  Not clear that this "green power" is very environmentally friendly...

19.  Who "broke" peer review?  You did.  You, specifically.  Yes you did.

20.  "Shall Issue" laws get a boost.  My lefty friends are no longer telling me, in a condescending voice, that my "interesting theory" that the 2nd Amendment creates a right to carry is nonsense.  And they are no longer saying "the Constitution says what the judiciary SAYS it says!"  Now, in fact, they think the court is just wrong.  Live by unelected elites, die by unelected elites, fellas.  At least now you can die with a gun strapped to your inside pocket, though.

21.  First year woman at Duke paying her way through Duke with some outside income.  On the side, as it were.

22.  Why does it matter that they are "math majors"?  Because if they were English majors they would have been dressed all in black and just making painfully-self-aware-and-yet-still-ironic comments about other people appearing to enjoy the snow?

23.  The 4 questions that determine if you are "ready" to be married.

24.  If your first question is about vacation, you MIGHT be a millenial.

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Anonymous said...

Article you pointed to with woman from Licking County changing her name. The local high school is Licking Valley HS......