Monday, February 03, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  As always, stuff you won't find at  flatulent cows start fire at German dairy farm.  Who loaned them the lighter?  How did they HOLD the lighter?  (UPDATE:  No fewer than 7 people sent me this.  I guess I have a (makes air quotes) "reputation.")

2.  Ken is a treasure.  A deeply buried, wrinkly, smelly, dirty treasure.  But a treasure.  This post is really, really useful.

3.  Not sure this is real.  But it's real fun.

4.  When a nation becomes an empire, the financial centers are less important than proximity to the court, and to the king's functionaries.  And the functionaries of "both" parties (HA!) are so self-important that if someone questions them they immediately threaten violence. 

5.  Afrobeerometer.   (Okay, that was MB's title, and I stole it)


6.  College goes underground...

7.  ACA and "pre-exisiting conditions.

8.  I'll take the 7-layer irony salad, please:  Real exorcists say that "Skype Exorcists" are probably fake, and not helpful. Why do we even HAVE a government, if they are going to allow fake exorcists to operate openly?

9.  Air travel is ridiculously safe.  So what we need is ...more regulation.  Wait, what?

10.  The end of the zero lower bound.

11.  Shocked, SHOCKED, at the hypocrisy of "feminism."  Shocked, I tell you. Role model, indeed.

12.  Interesting example of the problem of Type I and Type II error.  I'll be using this story in class.  Not. Ever.

13.  "Popular" program?  Where middle class people pay for the "right" of rich people to live in coastal areas?  It's only popular because the people who steal money know they benefit, and those stolen from aren't paying attention. 

14.  "Stalin's Songbird" is too harsh.  But still, this is disturbing.  Yes, the guy is dead.  So we shouldn't be too critical.  But perhaps we shouldn't be so worshipful, either.  He was a man, not a God.

15.  The mighty Meryl Streep.  Oatmeal, and labor traffic.

16.  Federal prosecutors:  Too much power?  Why....yes.

17.  PhD illustrated.  If anything, it exaggerates how important a PhD is.

18.  This seems a bit much.  But then Gov. Cuomo is a bit much.

19.  And, on the "a bit much" front, someone is actually going to take on the public employee unions that own the for-profit-but-debt-financed-corporation called the "State of California"?  Shit's 'bout to get REAL, now.

20.  Didn't need Sherlock Holmes for THIS one. "Interviewed."  I like that.

21.  People have way too much time to try to think of things to do.  You and I, dear reader, we just read about them.  But someone is spending weeks thinking up pranks...  Like this one.  Here is how it came out.  Not very clever, obviously won't work. does.

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Pelsmin said...

Gotta laugh at tough-guy Rep. Grimm threatening to beat up reporter Mike Scotto, talking like some mobster.

Mike Scotto's uncle, Anthony Scotto, was one of the guys running the Gambino family's organization. His great-uncle ran the Anastasia crime family.