Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  This is clever.  Buy stuff you hate, buy ALL of it, then return it on the last day of the "grace" period.  It's not very nice, but it is clever.

2.  This is sweet.  But from the description of the outfit, I doubt if anyone else would have bought them.

3.  You can see why folks get confused.  Why would stealing from your employer disqualify you for a job stealing from taxpayers?  It ought to be part of the job description, if they were honest.

4.  32JJ?  I didn't know they "made" JJ.  Wow.

5.  Beware the Texas Hooker!

6.  Haters gotta hate.

7.  Wow.  Quite a headline, takes a while to parse it.

8.  Sometimes you feel like a forklift.

9.  Trash:  She knew it when she saw it.  Cookies?  Really?

10.  Some insightful maps.

11.   Amazing read about Assange.  A lot of us wanted him to be a hero.  He's not.  This movie is worth watching.  First half, you think, "hero!"  Second half, you think...."ewwww...really, really NOT a hero."

12.  The long arm....the STRONG arm...of the law!  Jail?  Seriously?

13.  From "The Derrick" (published in "Oil City, PA"), a special donation.

14.  This is quite remarkable.  There are essentially no legal fully automatic Ak-47s in the U.S., as a proportion of the guns owned by private citizens.  None.  Nada.  They are illegal.  People talk about "assault rifles" as if they were automatic.  But that is not true.  They are SEMI-automatic.  One trigger pull, one round downrange.

15.  Should Facebook change your privacy settings if you die?

16.  Very cute pup reunion video.  This is exactly how the LMM reacts to my return after a long separation.  Not.

17.  Why do economists always want to take the natural log of everything?   On a related note, I understand that Paul Krugman's karaoke performance of "You Make Me Feel Like a  Natural Log" is still spoken of in hushed tones in a downtown Tokyo hotel bar.

18.  From a tweet:  ": When protesters are Instagramming your personal zoo, it usually means you’re done. "  Details here.  I propose (following Dan Drezner) that this be called henceforth "Hounshell's Law."

19.  Many nice things about this little post by E.V.  The comments are....insane, for the most part.  Not sure why it is wrong to sell cookies outside a medical facility.  Not really the same as a strip club.  Unless you think it is.

20.  I'm not sure J.C. is right here.  And if he is right, is he right to be happy about it?  I'm not sure.

21.  Top Five Characteristics of Bad Academic Advisers...


Jeff R. said...

That was a really interesting read about Assange. Killed my productivity this morning it. Ah well.

Michael de Cupertino said...

#14 should link to Saturday's cartoon:

Anonymous said...

Assault rifles by definition are automatic, fire a reduced power cartridge, detachable magazine.

There is no need to make up a fake definition.

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