Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bold Strategy

In the fantastic movie "Dodgeball," the announcers on ESPN 8 ("The Ocho!") react to the forfeit by Average Joe's Gym:

Archie comics seems to be heading that same way, toward a bold strategy.  What time is it if the character named "Archie" in a comic series called "Archie" is killed, what time is it?  Time to get a new comic series!

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Pelsmin said...

Archie ain't dead.

Oh no. These are liberals, and there are no negative consequences to your actions if your intentions are good.

Archie steps in front of a bullet (fired out of an "Assault Pistol," no doubt) and gets shot and killed.
But "he'll be back in a couple of weeks," we're assured at the end of the article.

LMM said...

Per article, he comes back means they reprint some of his earlier comics.

Pelsmin said...

I know, I know. I did see that. I was taking some license there. The reality is this is a spin off of Archie, and my guess is that the "What's life like for Archie now that he's all growed up" market may not be large. That is, this comic failed commercially, so they ended it with a "Bold statement." Next they'll create "Baby Archie" and see how that plays. Meanwhile, regular Archie is still trying to graduate from Riverdale High School in the regular Archie comics. (God, is that still published?)