Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday's Child

1. If people were held responsible for the content of comments on their web  This kid is suing pretty much everybody because of some comments other people made.  If you fall asleep at a ball game....sorry, you are fair game.  And the commentators didn't even say much, though later the commenters did.  I'd fall back on this, which is informative and useful.  I read it about once every six months, just for the giggles.  Mr. Ken, he's a great American.

2.  Shirley's neighbor, Taylor Swift, has not thought very much about the music industry.

3.  Fish friends lost.

4.  The Duke's heirs sue the heirs of the Dukes.

5.  Against the grain....and back, from Japan.


6.  Scanner/reader, on your finger.

7.  On separation of church and state...more noticed when they aren't separated.

8.  A threat to the Obamacare subsidies?

9.  I have one of these.  But I would not consider trying to get through airport security while carrying one.  What are people thinking?

10.  Feel like getting pregnant?  Just push the button!

11.  3D printing as a delivery system in remote areas?  An internship?

12.  Facts about beer.  Great facts, and beer is great, too.  What's not to like?

13.  It may seem like all crooks must be dumb.  But that's actually because the ones who ARE dumb get into the newspaper.  In this case, in fact, that's how the idiot got caught.

14.  The cool part is that they got away clean...

15.  Example gold:  Elections that ended up tied...

16.  Cheese is solidified science... and curds, of course.  Also curds.

17.  A while ago there was this.  Then, this.  Yeesh.  I guess she really did NOT have to worry.  Maybe she should have worried a little bit.

18.  Wow.  What if this lady got sight of Haus Angus?  There'd be a holocaust then, you betcha. Of course, Raleigh has a growing tradition of hating on freedom and market exchange.

19.  The worst nightmare for birds:  Helicopter cat, FTW.

20.  Chuck Schumer:  Asshat.

21.  There was once injustice, when *I* didn't have stuff.  But now I have stuff, and I want the police to make these filthy people who don't have stuff go away.

22.  What colleges do colleges see as peers?  Interestingly, George Mason U chose U-OK as a peer, but U-OK spurned George Mason.  Well played.

23.  "NC Outlaws Planning!"  But it's not as good as it sounds at first....

24.  What a delightful human being.  Funny name for a towing "service," though.  I'll give him that.

25.  There are elections that end in ties.  I prefer the "draw the high card" solution, though.

26.  We may need a new label category:  "Man kicks horse."

27.  I like the fact that this blockhead expresses surprise: "I can't understand why I'm still single."  Yup, it's a mystery, all right.  Maybe this guy will be attracted to that hair-do.  And in the body suit, it might work out for the blockhead.  I love it when a plan comes together.

28.  Computers make our lives easier.  But government officials with computers make our lives much, much weirder.  


Larry said...

I too cannot understand how that fellow is still single. That is one boss haircut.

Pelsmin said...

Re: The article on Fish not being able to find their friends due to Global Warming...
This confirms what I was told my a University Researcher friend. He said, "If you want to get funding for a study on the mating habits of Canada Geese, good luck. But if you want to study the effects of Global Warming on the mating habits of Canada Geese, please provide staffing needs and out of pocket budget requirements."