Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  We just want to help you.  But we need to know a lot about you.

2.  In the future, everyone will be fined for 15 minutes.  We'll fine you if you water, we'll fine you if you don't.  How much is "too much"?  We'll fine you if you ask.

3.  Violence is wrong.  But sometimes, a 72 year old man has just had enough.  Buzz Aldrin punches an idiot.  And the idiot needed to be punched.

4.  Roko's Basilisk.

5.  Drive free....until we repossess. Incentives matter, part 2045671.


6.  I had not thought of this particular use for 3D printers:  making realistic plastic copies of actual hoo-ha's for ...remote use, I guess you'd call it.  Jon Stewart takes a whack at it.

7.  Wordcrimes.

8.  Coke "commercial".  An honest one.

9.  People ask why our politicians would pull stuff like this.  But the answer is obvious:  first, it allows them to lie about the actual cost.  Second, it allows them to create artificial crises that make us need them.  It's not complicated.

10.  Even for a thuggish private union, this is pretty dumb. There's a big difference between "hating black people" and "hating policies I think black people should like, even though I'm not black."

11.  "Indignation Studies" students go wild.

12.  Millenials have a pretty accurate view of the powers, and goals, of the state.

13.  There's an Injun in my driveway.  Not sure how I would have reacted.  Lagniappe:  The dog was  a Shit-zu.  Nice.

14.  How yoga should be done... Red wine edition.

15.  A most excellent solution.  Add their criminal histories in a way that can be updated as they do more stupid, illegal corrupt sh*t.

16.  A bribe?  If so, he should have ordered doughnuts.

17.  White flags over Brooklyn.

18.  Judge drops some rhymes on JaJuane.  (Yes, JaJuane)

19.  P.J. O'Rourke returns from FreedomFest an unchanged man.

20.  Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to go to Harvard. Or, it seems, Duke.

21.  Tim Worstall on ACA, and KISS.

22.  Okay, so this is just not plausible.  But it explains why Liebchen Merkel doesn't want us listening to HER phone calls.

23.  Specialty drugs...

24.  Unemployment and "JOLTS"

25.  A bunch of different words for having sex, from across the ages.  Some of these are obvious, some are (thankfully, I think) obscure.

26.  Attitude, and no individual ketchup packets, in the CIA lunchroom.

27.  They know what I want to eat before I know?

28.  Do you HAVE to be an idiot to be a Republican congressman from Florida?  Perhaps not.  But I can find no examples to the contrary.


George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed by Beetles

Real Estate Heir Urinates on Candy 

No One Has Ever Slammed Through a Door Completely Naked Looking for Beef 

Man Run Over by Own Truck

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