Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday's Child

Monday's Child was full, so Tuesday's Child (normally "full of grace") had to take some links.

1.  Are drones model airplanes, or commercial vehicles?  And does the answer ONLY depend on who is flying them?

2.  Churches need more joy.  A priest who dances flamenco is joyful.

3.  Four governors in four days.

4.  Feel the buzz, and then turn that way.  Smart shoes?

5.  Jon Stewart on Mr. Cuomo.  Since Mr. Cuomo is unprincipled thug bent on using legal power to extort money, I'm not sure why this surprises anyone.  Anthony Cuomo is impossible to caricature.  He's straight out of an Ayn Rand novel, the character that you say, "This is ridiculous.  No one could be this clueless."  Well, Cuomo is not clueless.  He just has no ability to feel shame or recognize irony.  It's just power, and theft.

6.  This is not very mysterious.  Proving once again that the NYTimes has abandoned journalism.

Headline for the Ages:  

Married Chinese man suffering from stomach ache goes to the doctor and learns he is actually a female

(To be fair, this "actually" raises a question about "actually."  who's to say he is "actually" anything?  What he actually has is a genetic aberration.  What he "actually" is up to him.)

Toddler Sets Jeep Loose, Runs Back Inside to Watch Cartoons.

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Dirty Davey said...

I've never understood why some states consider it so important that the governor's feet must be continually planted on home soil. We certainly don't designate Joe Biden "acting president" every time Barack Obama travels abroad; why should a state be so worried about where the governor happens to be?