Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  They can't keep companies from leaving California, Michigan, and New York.  But they think they can keep companies from leaving the U.S.  That's a pretty terrible idea, since it means that companies won't come to the U.S. in the first place.

2.  Expulsion after graduation?   Not as bad as posthumous execution...

3.  Research shows that people who cycle to work are mostly white and wealthy.  Demonstrating an old truth:  If green living saved money, poor people would do it.  But only rich people do it.  Because the sacrifice makes them feel good about being rich.

4.  On the other hand, maybe poor folk don't cycle because they smoke too much.   "Do you smoke after cycling?"  "I don't know, I've never checked..."

5.  A princess...


6.  An interesting story about the class ring.  But what kind of schmuck steals the bride's purse at a wedding reception?

7.  They stole a bright orange van with a unique logo and customized roofs.  What could possibly go wrong with that plan?  "Do you think they've spotted us!"  "No!  Act normal and keep driving, you fool!"  They should have contracted with this guy, who apparently found a worm-hole in the space-time continuum.

8.  An interesting interview on sex work and feminism.

9.  Possum drop loophole?

10.  I need the LMM to read this.   A thermostat at 75 is a bad thermostat.

11.  Actual mistake?  Or just some droll guy in the warehouse?   One explanation:  the state often requires such nonsense.

12.  Foil.

13. Who put peanut butter on the baby again?

14.  The strike zone as a pdf.

15.  As Adam Sandler said, in The Wedding Singer, "I have a microphone!"  Now you'll have one, too, to yell at the kids in amplified fashion.  Amplification is power.

16.  Eating green.

17.  If, at first, you don't succeed...

18.  Interesting piece by PvD on Uber and surge pricing.

19.  What if you could hear the narrator?  A short (NSFW) movie on the Hawthorne Effect.

20.  Do we need "Certificate of Need" rules

Headline meme:  Once you've read it, you are pretty much done.  But you read on, because you can't help yourself.

Pilot dropped 3,000 pingpong balls redeemable for prizes, but missed crowd and hit interstate


Anonymous said...

As someone that cycles to work, I do it because the MBTA sucks and Boston traffic sucks (a red light is the solution to every traffic problem). I can make it to work in 20 minutes (half the time it would take for the other methods) and I do not pay for parking (work provides bike storage, you would have to pay to park). It is simply the best method.

Sean said...

#3: The best part about urban cycling is that it gives straight, wealthy white men the ability to feel like members of a persecuted minority. Actual persecuted minorities don't need (or want) the help.

#10: Does this mean I can buy an air conditioner and charge it to my health insurance?