Monday, July 07, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Obama the Spectator.  Money quote, pretty disturbing:  "A perilous and unspoken accord in American politics has grown up while no one was looking, which unites the liberal left and the authoritarian right. They agree in their unquestioning support of a government without checks or oversight; and it is the Obama presidency that has cemented the agreement. The state apparatus which supports wars and the weapons industry for Republicans yields welfare and expanded entitlements for Democrats. "  

2. Ban cash?

3.  Conan The Taxpayer. He's 6'5".  I'd like to see a picture of him standing with frequent reader (and Westerly, RI resident) Shirley.  It would be amusing....

4.  Mormons are fans of property rights.  But this is pretty territorial.

5.  8 things that happy people do.  This may explain why Democrats are so unhappy.  As far as I can tell, Democrats are pretty much 0 for 8 here.


6.  Solar power is highly profitable.  Because of the subsidies.  The actual power...not so much.

7.  Winnie the Pooh, live.

8.  The thrill is gone, baby.  Not sure about the "Bushtalgia," tho.  Ick.  Though, I suppose the very fact that the Bush-Obama comparison is realistic is pretty bad news for Obama.  If your defense of Mussolini is that he was better than Hitler...well, okay, but....

9.  The new "Econtalk" should be out today, over at...Econtalk.  I had hoped to use the phrase "farcical aquatic ceremoney," but was unable to do so.  Still, worth watching the source for that phrase at least once every six months or so.  Delightful.

10.  He missed prison food....

11.  NOT the Onion:  the requirement that workers be able to speak minimal English is "workplace discrimination."  The inability to speak English is not a disabiilty, for which the employer must make reasonable accomodation.  It's a safety and management requirement.   It's remarkable that the Obamanoids think this is something they can get away with.  As far as I can tell, this was not an "English only" rule, but rather a "English at all" rule.

12.  There was a theory that dogs don't "play."  Theories are silly.

13.  3D Printing internship, in Africa.  How interesting.

14.  "They're coming to get my ay-noose."  NSFW:  Canadian UFO sighting, and commentary on same.

15.  I guess I should be flattered, right?  If someone will pay someone, even a schmoe and even a pittance, to write a review of this so some other schmoe can turn it in for a grade....okay, no.

16.   It's always the tax stuff, and the accounting, that's the most difficult.  This may be quite difficult.

17.  Rock Simulator.  No, it's not you pretending to play guitar.  It's about a rock.  You have to supply your own hard place.

18.  He's a pro-government libertarian

19.  First person to send me one of these hats will be my new BFF.  Not clear they are for sale...

20.  Spornosexual update:  Men going shirtless.  Women want to know why THEY can't go shirtlessA subversive compromise.   Of course, in New York, it's perfectly legal.  My own view:  women not wearing tops is an excellent idea.  The interesting thing is that women are supposed to feel uncomfortable about their bodies.  But they have my support for doing without support.  Uplift and don't separate! Equal treatment before the law for all nipples!

21.  I use TOR once a month, just to make sure I get watched.  Being watched makes me feel very special.

22.  Repeal FATCA?

23.  The "Right Kind of Nothing" goes global.  Well, it was already in Germany.  But here is a version of it, in a different context.

24.  Clearly a perfect metaphor for...I have no idea what.  But a perfect metaphor.

25.  Justified mastication.  You get to make your own Mike Tyson/Suarez joke here.  If he had been in this restaurant, it would have gone down differently.

26.  Real women can drive stick.

27.  Lots of ways to go with this...

Other things, harder to classify:

She Looks Like a Pinup, But Bakes Like Tim Burton.


Anonymous said...

If you download the Econtalk file, you get something called "MungerSharing." Which sounds like wife-swapping only kinkier, way kinkier.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of getting my comments on Econtalk banned. "MUNGERTALK RULEZ! Down with UNC, they suck" is a legitimate opinion that contributes to the overall economics discussion. He does, they do.

MK said...

Re: #27. See this beaut too:

Kevin Erdmann said...

Hmm... I wonder if I saw those ladies in NY and I needed them to move a chair in a cafe or I needed directions to the subway, and instead of tapping them on the shoulder, I very politely tapped them on the breast. I wonder if their first reflex would be to think, "Oh this nice fellow must need help."? I mean, it is just another body part. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem.

Norman said...

Re: #5. "As far as I can tell, Democrats are pretty much 0 for 8 here."

Funny, I was gonna say the same thing about Libertarians.

Republicans, too, come to think of it.... You know what? people who care about politics are miserable. Just miserable. Maybe we should all go outside...