Thursday, July 03, 2014

Where Will My Talents Go?

LeBron James famously said he would be taking his talents to South Beach, in that ill-considered press conference.

Now he may be moving his talents again.

It come down to who will take more of his "talents" from him.  If you think of talents as a unit of money, or a weight of precious metals--and given the Biblical knowledge of KPC readers, we KNOW you have been thinking just that--LeBron is indeed a man of many talents.  And states are broadly different in their tax policies.  LeBron won't be able to look just at the salary offer...

If a "talent" is unit of money worth $22,239, then here is a table of how many talents LeBron would have to give up from his salary in each city:

Loss of Talents
(at $20.7 million salary…)
Team Record
This Year
Dallas, TX
With Mavs:  0
Miami, FL
With Heat:  0
With Clippers:  124
Chicago, IL
With Bulls:47
Pheonix, AZ
With Suns:  42
Cleveland, OH
With Cavaliers:  50

This is at a price of silver of $21/ounce, a conversion rate of 35.3 ounces per kilogram, and 30 kilograms per talent. Your results may vary…

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