Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Well Hung Chads

In preparation for understanding chad categories, in anticipation of weeks of arguments about how and which votes count, K. Grease has some categories for you. (Pronounce this with a fake Brit accent: "Ca-TEG-er-ees")

Ballots were categorized according to evidence of voter intent:
* Blank (no mark seen); Also called virginal chads;
* Dimpled chad, no sunlight;
* Dimpled chad, sunlight;
* Dimple with or without sunlight, off chad, within borders;
* Dimple with or without sunlight, off chad, on border above;
* one detached corner;
* two detached corners;
* three detached corners;
* four detached corners.

This is written so you can draw a line. Everything above the line, not a vote. Everything below the line, not a vote. Try it! It's fun....

A postscript: I was going to suggest that the Duke Poli Sci Men's Basketball Intramural team should be called the "Well Hung Chads." But having seen them play, perhaps the "Virginal Chads" would be a better name.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The one time I tried to play basketball with the pol sci people, I threw the ball over the net and everyone laughed. Too much testoserone, I guess.

Tommy the Wannabe Canuck