Monday, May 02, 2005

Blogging at Duke

For those of you who came to this site because of the Duke Chronicle article this morning, three things.

1. This blog has nothing whatsoever to do with Duke, the Political Science Department at Duke, or for that matter with anything else. It is irrelevant and useless.
2. If you are easy to offend, don't read anything here. Nothing. Go away. We retired professional wrestlers don't need lame candy asses like you cluttering up the servers.
3. But, I would like to compose a list of blogs written by people at Duke. If you are interested in being on the list, please send me an email with the following info.
a. your blog name
b. the category of blog (academic, political, satirical, humorous, sports, informational, whatever)
c. your wish for anonymity. I will absolutely NOT out anyone. But if you want to be identified, or if your blog profile identifies you, I can put your name on the list.

For example, here are three blogs I know of, and this is how my list might look:

Name of Blog // Identity // Type // Brendan Nyhan // Serious Political
Anticlimacus // Nick Troester // Academic--Personal Journal
Constrained Vision // Anonymous-"Katie" // Academic--Personal

I will maintain this list for a while, as a resource for anyone who wants to look at the range of blogging activity at Duke. PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL IF YOU BLOG.

Though, if you just have a pussweiler blog like this, and never post, just go read your new copy of the THE NATION and leave me alone.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean "pretending" to be a professional wrestler? I recall some moves you busted on the UNC dweebs.

Chris Lawrence said...

You may have to start calling me chopped liver too... :-)