Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bush v. Wang

A pitcher's duel: Wang goes against Bush. And when these two come together, I think no one loses.

Interesting match-up. Bush can just stay down and away, use soft stuff, and curves, but Wang has to bring the hard stuff. Also, Wang simply has to come inside if he is to be effective. Wang was throwing on the side by himself earlier in the season, and just went off. Frankly, he often beats himself, rather than waiting and letting the play come to him.

I just hope that Wang can do the complete game. Embarrassing to have to call in a reliever.

On the other hand, Bush is hard to read, You think Bush is all done, but then it turns out Bush is ready for more after all.

I do understand that Wang has a pretty good spitter, so he may have to go to his mouth in the late innings if he is going to finish Bush off.

(nod to MWT)