Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Do Batteries Fit Inside Prescription Bottles?

Chuck Brodsky put it best:

Philly fans, they’ve been known to get nasty
When Joe must go, they’ll run him out of town
I saw Santa get hit by a snowball
And then get hit again when he was down

On the return of T.O., from ESPN's cap of Monday Night Football:

Philadelphia scored on its first four possessions of the second half and, by early in the fourth quarter, much of the partisan crowd had departed, likely to plot nefarious strategies for The Return of T.O. Rumor is that the always sensitive Philadelphia crowd plans to greet Owens next Sunday with a shower of prescription bottles. One fan who did stay until the end of Monday night's game held up a home-made placard which read: "T.O. -- Get Well Soon So We Can Hurt You."

(nod to RN, who should know)

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