Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Playing to Mixed Reviews

I have used this line, in one form or another on three radio shows in the last week:

"Have you noticed how quiet Hillary Clinton has been? I guess Hugo Chavez refused to return her speech-writer, after he borrowed her."

Plays to mixed reviews. One interviewer said, "Who go who?"

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Anonymous said...

BaZing! Should we try the veal? Will you be here all week?

Actually, that was a pretty clever line!

However, I would argue that she has kept herself on a (relatively) short leash. At the very least muting the vitriolic nature of her most public commentary (with some notable exceptions, of course, and she should know full well that comments made before “friendly” audiences WILL get out). As she has been on this long, slow run for the presidency, she has been trying to find chances to appear "moderate."

In fact, there has been a great deal of criticism of Lindsey Graham from the right here in SC for working with her on several issues.