Saturday, October 07, 2006

Does this mean Bob Dylan is ineffable?

Interesting story from JamBase.

An excerpt:

New album's extra features breaks rules
Beck's new album The Information has been banned from the UK chart
The record, which was released on October 2, has fallen foul of the rules set by the Official Chart Company.

The packaging of the CD, which includes a DVD feature and stickers that allow fans to design their own artwork, has made the album illegible in Sunday's (October 8th) countdown...

Careful readers will have noted that the typo: "has made the album illegible...." Clearly, they meant "ineligible." Now, I make too many typos myself to get all snarky about the typos of others. But that is not just a typo; the idea of Beck being illegible for a list....well, it made me laugh. I mean, given a choice between lots more sales and a list based on sales (except when an album is illegible), I'd take the sales.

Made me think of a whole suite of possible descriptions:

Beck is illegible
Michael Bolton is unpardonable
Bob Dylan is ineffable
Whitney Houston is divorced
Clay Aiken is unlistenable

Go ahead, on your own! It can be a new party game. First one to repeat an adjective, or to apply one that is clearly false (e.g., "Justin Timberlake is delectable!") is out of the game.

(Nod to MWT, who is indescribable)

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