Saturday, December 16, 2006

Props, and a lot of love!

Midnight Eastern Time: It's over.

Props, and lot of love, to Chris L, to Betsy N, and to all those who nearly kicked the giant corporate butts of SLATE! Thanks to my nutjob friends at DoL, who didn't complain. Thanks to the students at Duke who voted on a Friday night. And thanks to the crazy philosophers in Brisbane, Oz, who made this a cause. (And I especially mean you, Rosenberg!). Thanks to faculty and others everywhere, who took a little time and voted, when it didn't make sense.

The final tally, as far as I can tell (UPDATED at 10 am Saturday), on the "Best Podcast" vote:

SLATE Daily Podcast 1128

EconLib Podcast 1067

that's a difference of 61 votes, or they won by less than 1.5 percent.

That's pretty great for a site run by one guy (Russ Roberts), with a tiny staff and a vision of the power of economic ideas.

Good on ya, Russ!