Monday, December 18, 2006

Which One is the Parody?

It actually takes a little effort to figure out which of these is "real," and which is the parody.

Just from the way he says, "and I'm Ed Glaeser," you can tell this is a pretty darned self-pleased group. In fact, from Glaeser's facial expression, he appears to be pleasing himself right there on camera!

The original

Skit (funny in its own right)

Skit (even better, but still not as good as the original)

(grateful nod to Tommy the Wannabe Wannabe, hereafter TTWW)


Anonymous said...

Well, after all, Ed Glaeser DOES have reasons to be pleased about himself. He DOES have an amazing publishing record, no matter how much fun you want to poke at him.

Mungowitz said...

Absolutely true.

In fact, my poking fun may have to do with my own envy of his ability. I may even be threatened by the fact that he works so hard and so well. So, it is not just his publishing record, but the extraordinary impact of his work, that is impressive. A truly top scholar.

Nonetheless, I will stand by this: He is CREEPY in this video. And the fact that he did not appear to realize that he would come across that way speaks volumes about the lack of self-awareness often exhibited by a genius.

So, regardless of the fact that he is at least twice the economist that I'll ever be....WHAT WAS HE THINKING?

Anonymous said...

So, Harvard guys sitting aroung their tie flopping in two directions. Whoever produced this?