Saturday, December 16, 2006

Props, and a lot of love!

Midnight Eastern Time: It's over.

Props, and lot of love, to Chris L, to Betsy N, and to all those who nearly kicked the giant corporate butts of SLATE! Thanks to my nutjob friends at DoL, who didn't complain. Thanks to the students at Duke who voted on a Friday night. And thanks to the crazy philosophers in Brisbane, Oz, who made this a cause. (And I especially mean you, Rosenberg!). Thanks to faculty and others everywhere, who took a little time and voted, when it didn't make sense.

The final tally, as far as I can tell (UPDATED at 10 am Saturday), on the "Best Podcast" vote:

SLATE Daily Podcast 1128

EconLib Podcast 1067

that's a difference of 61 votes, or they won by less than 1.5 percent.

That's pretty great for a site run by one guy (Russ Roberts), with a tiny staff and a vision of the power of economic ideas.

Good on ya, Russ!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


The Dem party website has a drop-down labeled "People". Click on it, and you go here....

Lots of stuff there. I looked in vain for "White men over 30 who live in cities". That is a big part of the voting population...but there is nothing for them.

Are the Dems just writing them off? I know that the Dem motto is, "Vote for Us, And We'll Give You Other People's Money!" But, still: shouldn't you pretend that you are not just an extortion racket, based on the Jesse Jackson model writ large?

"Give me money or I'll call you [fill in as appropriate here, given your "People" category on the Dem website]"

The Dems are wholly taken in by the illusion that F. Bastiat debunked so brilliantly:
"The State is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."

The state CAN'T take care of everybody. But I would have thought the Dems would at least pretend to be interested in people who pay taxes, rather than just those who suck down all the benefits.

(Nod to KL for the links, though don't blame KL for my interpretation)

UPDATE: Wrong link before; sorry! Better now....

Help! Shire Network News is Catching Up!

Vote for EconTalk! Help us! Go here, and click on "EconTalk", then "OK."

You can vote once per day, and voting closes tomorrow (Friday). So, two votes, please! You, yes, YOU!

Oh, I am going to MISS this lady....

Anonyman sends this link....

In what was likely her final legislative act in Congress, outgoing Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney introduced a bill Friday to impeach President Bush.
The legislation has no chance of passing and serves as a symbolic parting shot not only at Bush but also at Democratic leaders. Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has made clear that she will not entertain proposals to sanction Bush and has warned the liberal wing of her party against making political hay of impeachment.

BubBYE, sweetie, BubBYE now!

He makes me laugh.....

Excerpt from Christopher Hitchens' piece forthcoming in Vanity Fair:

Why Women Aren't Funny
by Christopher Hitchens, Vanity Fair, January 2007

Be your gender what it may, you will certainly have heard the following from a female friend who is enumerating the charms of a new (male) squeeze: "He's really quite cute, and he's kind to my friends, and he knows all kinds of stuff, and he's so funny ? " (If you yourself are a guy, and you know the man in question, you will often have said to yourself, "Funny? He wouldn't know a joke if it came served on a bed of lettuce with sauce béarnaise.")

However, there is something that you absolutely never hear from a male friend who is hymning his latest (female) love interest: "She's a real honey, has a life of her own -- [interlude for attributes that are none of your business] -- and, man, does she ever make 'em laugh."

Now, why is this? Why is it the case?, I mean. Why are women, who have the
whole male world at their mercy, not funny? Please do not pretend not to
know what I am talking about.

All right--try it the other way (as the bishop said to the barmaid). Why are men, taken on average and as a whole, funnier than women? Well, for one thing, they had damn well better be. The chief task in life that a man has to perform is that of impressing the opposite sex, and Mother Nature (as we laughingly call her) is not so kind to men. In fact, she equips many fellows with very little armament for the struggle. An average man has just one, outside chance: he had better be able to make the lady laugh. Making them laugh has been one of the crucial preoccupations of my life. If you can stimulate her to laughter?

I am talking about that real, out-loud, head-back, mouth-open-to-expose-the-full-horseshoe-of-lovely-teeth, involuntary, full, and deep-throated mirth; the kind that is accompanied by a shocked surprise and a slight (no, make that a loud) peal of delight?well, then, you have at least caused her to loosen up and to change her expression. I shall not elaborate further....

As the bishop said to the barmaid? Yikes.

(Nod to KL....who asks, "Does this mean a woman can't be President?" It might, K, it might. But then George Bush is not often funny INTENTIONALLY.)

Mail Green, Chum!

Elder younger Munger points out that an anagram of "Michael Munger" is "Mail Green, Chum!"

He intends to use this phrase often after he starts college, he says.

Fun with anagrams.

It IS pretty fun. For example, from "Hillary Rodham Clinton," you can get the motto of her wedding night with Bill:

Roll in a loin rhythm cad!

And for every night since:

Cryin' troll, land him a ho'!

UPDATE: Anxious Angus notes that "Angelic Hummer" is a better MM anagram. Also notes that he has pointed this out before,

which ya know is quite true

Gotta give props where the props is due!

(the mini rap is all part of the service; no extra charge)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Son, My Campaign Manager

So, the elder younger Munger, on learning of Nature Boy's entry into the Gov campaign for '08, suggested a slogan:

"Munger....Legitimate, by Comparison."

Recalling my law, by analogy to Mencken:

"No man, having a teenage son, can be a pompous ass and not know it."

Too Much Time, Or Too Little Sense

Comments on this post, about getting rid of the urban "rats with wings" blight....well, you just have to read them.

A sample, tho, worthy of Monty Python:

Posted by: Norman Ski on 10:13pm Wed 29 Nov 06
This is preposterous! Pigeons performed a vital role in assisting communications in both World Wars and should therefore be encouraged to breed in higher numbers in order to remind us that we must never forget. Perhaps the money would be better spent erecting a large memorial of a Rock Pigeon or perhaps a Feral Pigeon - I'll leave that decision to the council. I don't think a Wood Pigeon memorial would be particularly appropriate because I don't think they did too much for us during the war. Other than food.

Posted by: Norman Farnsbarns McArthey on 11:56pm Wed 29 Nov 06
I say train the blighters to do an honest days work and to earn their right to live in Her Royal Majesties Royal borough. Maybe they could be trained to assist the police as they could spot crime while on high and report back to the station swiftly. The more aggressive ones could become a sort of elite police flighting unit that could intervene in violent incidents that are sadly becoming all to common in our wonderful town.

Posted by: jhona rantambore on 11:59pm Wed 29 Nov 06
Kill them with axes.

Posted by: Mrs D. Smithers on 12:05am Thu 30 Nov 06
I was once saved from certain death when a pair of woods grasped me by the shoulders and flew me from the path of an oncoming car. Now these feathered heroes follow me everywhere and they often speak to me too. I will be going out tomorrow tooled up to protect this noble race of animals and if I find the marksman then it will be me or him. I say NO to the slaughter of the innocents and am willing to lay down my life in their defence. As for them being the spawn of Satan, well, that is obviously a comment from a very deluded person, get help is all I can say to that, everyone knows they are God's messengers.

(Nod to TS-K, who is pretty absurd herself)

Vote Podcast, Please!

A favor:

Vote for EconTalk as the "Best Podcast" site.

It would help out Russ Roberts a lot. And we ALL want to help out Russ Roberts! I mean, just LOOK at the guy. Have you ever seen someone who needs so much help?

And, while you are at it, vote for a REAL winner: Betsy Newmark's blog, "Betsy's Page", is the frontrunner in its category. Help a sister out!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Crowding Out....With Crowds of Government

From our boy Stossel:

"...ABC's '20/20' went to Sioux Falls, S.D., and San Francisco. We asked the
Salvation Army to set up buckets at their busiest locations in both cities...even though people in Sioux Falls make, on average, half as much money as people in San Francisco, and even though the San Francisco location was much busier -- three times as many people were within reach of the bucket -- by the end of the second day, the Sioux Falls bucket held twice as much money."

(Nod to KL, as always)

S. Levitt's Dream Site

It is ALIVE! It's ALIVE!

The site of all data....

(Nod to KL, who knows all, and tells even more)


How mortifying.

We like to get our dogs, Tanzie (short for "tanzanite") and Hobo (short for "moron") all riled up, and then let them out the door, screaming "Get the squirrel! Get the squirrel! BITE the squirrel" or whatever.

The dogs get so excited they start baying and howling, the exercise is good for them. We have an acre, and an electric fence, so though the dogs can run around like nuts for a few minutes, barking at shadows, they aren't going anywhere.

Tonight, the older younger Munger had some friends over.

The UPS truck pulls up (as it does twice a day, this time of year), and I yell to my wife, "Brown is here!" since Brown is usually bringing something for her, either for her work as an attorney or some gift. (Yes, we call UPS "Brown." We didn't make it up).

So, just as the UPS is getting back into his truck, the dogs crowd up to the door, because they know what is coming.

And, I start shrieking, "Get the Brown man! Bite the Brown man!" The dogs howl, I open the door, and the dogs streak out to the road so they can bark at the truck as it goes around our property to the main road.

The dogs are really into it, so I continue: "GET HIM! BITE the BROWN man!"

I turn around, and my son and his two friends are peering down the stairs at me.
Not my proudest moment as a parent.