Friday, September 07, 2007

Enforcement and Law-Breaking

An article of recent vintage:

"Investigating the impact of extended bar closing times on police stops for
", Leana Allen Bouffard, Lindsey Ellen Bergeron & Jeffrey Bouffard
Journal of Criminal Justice (forthcoming)

Researchers have often studied whether changes in the availability of
alcohol impact associated problem behaviors like drunk driving. In July of
2003, the state of Minnesota approved legislation to extend by one hour the
closing time for eating and social establishments that serve alcohol. This
study utilized a time-series model to examine the impact of the extended
closing time on the number of police stops for DUI in one jurisdiction in
Minnesota. While results of the time-series indicated that there was a
significant increase in the number of police stops for DUI following this
legislative change, incident-specific analyses suggested that this increase
might have been largely a result of increased proactive responses by local
police. Implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.

Reminds of "Crime on the Court." Should adding another referee in basketball cause more, or fewer, fouls to be called?

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