Sunday, September 02, 2007

Viva Le Bron!!

It's "mission accomplished" for USA basketball in Vegas. All opponents smoked, the Olympic berth secured and only a meaningless rematch with already trounced Argentina left tonight.

The big three, LeBron, Kobe, and Carmelo did the job, but LeBron was first among equals.

From the stats department:

LeBron shot 76.5% from the field, 57.7 on his treys (15 for 26), while averaging 16.7 points in 21 minutes per game. He also led the team in assists (with 44 to JKidd's 42) and was second in steals (with 15 to Kobe's 16).

Kidd only took 10 shots but did have the 42 assists (to only five turnovers).
Kobe shot well (56%) and was the steals leader, 'Melo shot well (62.8%) and did nuttin' else (as his is custom).

KPC favorite from his turnaround year with the late lamented OKC Hornets Tyson Chandler made the most of his limited playing time (rebounding and blocking shots). I think he may well make the Olympic roster.


John Thacker said...

I'd have to assume that the real team will add a second true PG besides Kidd. Perhaps the nut-puncher Chris Paul. They also could use a good big man, as the team did not do that well on the boards.

Defense and moving the ball were both excellent in all the games. Occasionally some jacking up quick 3s or NBA-style isolation plays, but the team generally settled down and played team basketball.

Angus said...

Hi John: I thought Jason Terry was the nut-puncher!! Maybe they can tag team wrestle together as the nut-punchers when they retire.

John Thacker said...

Hi Angus:

Chris Paul famously punched NCSU's Julius Hodge in the groin during his last ACC regular season game in 2005.