Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weekend Roundup

As we head into that most ironic of American holidays (Thanksgiving being #2), KPC presents for your perusal the weekend roundup:

1. Tyler Cowen takes off his rose colored glasses and comes to his senses.

In his own words: "What does it really mean if some part of your brain lights up? Who really knows?" The idea that seeing what parts of your brain react to stimulii somehow explains what is actually going on is one of the dumbest ideas ever and economics has not proven immune to this so far useless practice. Kudos, Tyler for seeing the light.

2. Lee Kuan Yew explains the resource curse.

In his own words: “Supposing we had oil and gas, do you think I could get the people to do this?” Mr. Lee said. “No. If I had oil and gas, I’d have a different people, with different motivations and expectations.

“It’s because we don’t have oil and gas and they know that we don’t have, and they know that this progress comes from their efforts,” he said. “So please do it and do it well.”

3. Zambia loves chess!

25 year old Amon Simutowe, who learned to play from reading magazines and became national champ at 14 and international master at 16, is poised to become the first black grandmaster from Sub-Saharan africa. Amon went to UT-Dallas on a chess scholarship and is said to win by "grinding his opponents down". Is there any other way to win?

4. Who needs Raymond Carver when you have the Chadron Record Police Beat?

Examples: Caller from the 100 block of North Morehead Street requested to speak to animal control because caller felt that someone was coming into his yard and cutting the hair on his dogs. Dispatch advised caller to set up video surveillance on his house. Caller said he planned on it.

Caller on the 900 block of Parry Drive advised a squirrel has climbed down her chimney and is now in the fireplace looking at her through the glass door, chirping at her. (hat tip to Dan Barry at the NYT)


Shawn said...

Is it a bias that I need overcome that forced me to see #2 as "Zambia loves cheese!"?

Angus said...

Your bias should, if anything be re-enforced, so let me proclaim without regard to fact or common sense that Zambia indeed loves KPC!!