Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Haas School: Leading Through Grabbing Its Ankles

Actual email, sent out at Haas B-school, Berkeley, today:

Dear Haas Community,
I want to alert you to a potential protest/rally today at 11:30am.
If marchers enter the building, let them. Try to carry on business as usual. If the noise becomes too great, or the crowd too large, feel free to close and lock your office doors - this is a departmental decision.
As always, feel free to contact the UC Police department at 642-6760.
Kind Regards,
Gerardo Campos
Facilities Coordinator
Haas School of Business
University of California at Berkeley
545 Student Services Building, MC 1900
Ph.: 510-642-4617 Fax: 510-642-4700
Cell: 510-847-4707
Email: gcampos@haas.berkeley.edu

The Haas School of Business: Leading Through Innovation

(nod to KL, who NEVER locks his doors)

UPDATE: The protest described....


Anonymous said...

Or you could leave your doors unlocked and exercise your Second Amendment rights I suppose.

Miki said...

Wait... "leading through innovation," but ignore the protesters... is it me or is this some bizarre contradiction or sorts? How can you INNOVATE with a locked door mentality? Ow. My head hurts.