Monday, February 18, 2008

The Grand Game: Video Edition

An excellent candidate for KPC's "Grand Game"!

Remember, the way we play the grand game is to invite readers to investigate an article or video on another site, and write in comments about their favorite absurdity.

Here's the video. It's a doozy. An extremely target-rich environment.

I'll go first:

1. The sockpuppets use GOOGLE constantly. GOOGLE is one of the companies that has led the way in making employees feel like owners. Thousands of people make very large salaries at GOOGLE, and produce something useful, something so useful that even sarcastic sock puppets in some sort of Marxist claptrap find it useful. But according to the sock puppets, GOOGLE must be one of the worst offenders, because its workers, who think they are happy and part of a team, are wrong, wrong, WRONG.

2. Ditto Apple. Everything I just said, except about Apple.

3. Is the whole thing intended as irony? I mean, not even a sock puppet could be so stupid as to believe the one guy's dad would really be better off as a union worker in some textile mill, at $4.50 an hour, with lint-filled lungs, compared to GOOGLE, right? Am I just missing the subtlety? (At first, I thought I was. But looking at the list of authors for that blog, themselves sock puppets for a wide variety of liberal fellow travellers, bedwetters, and handwringers, I decided that they must be playing it Old Mutual.)

(Nod to El Zorno)


Anonymous said...

My entry: The porn monster. He is clearly the best manifestation of modern scholarship.

Oh, the claim that the mechanism of control is internalized, so that "you are your own enemy." Desolidarity turns into a model for society. The proposed solution: nostalgia.

Anonymous said...

I like the Porn Monster's subversiveness. Here are Kiki and Bubu happily using Google and citing its results as authoritative. Along comes the Porn Monster, who appropriates the source of that authority and uses it This at least suggests that K&B's whole riff is on a par with the pursuit of naked electronic breasticles...