Thursday, January 08, 2009

movie madness

I rise here to amend some of my earlier movie remarks and rebut some of my co-bloggers more egregious cinematic opinions.

I said: I'll fill out my top 10 with four movies that I think I would have liked if I had been able to see them:

Frozen River
The Wrestler
Happy Go Lucky
Rachel Getting Married

Well I've now seen The Wrestler, which is fantastic and Rachel Getting Married which was an abomination. People, it just plain sucks. There are some great intense scenes with Anne Hathaway but mostly it is a pastiche of smug unlikeable people getting together and celebrating their own awesomeness. It is PC and it is boring and it is bad.

I also saw Gran Torino, which I didn't think I'd like but it was really good. Very un-PC, but very good. The only downside is that Mrs. Angus is now calling me "zipperhead" all the time.