Friday, January 30, 2009

Neo-Logisms and Keeping Gitmo Open

Random Friday thoughts, based on the perils of Blago.

1. Political neo-logisms are important, but hard to predict. Calling something BLANKgate, for's a key party of journalistic argot.

What will it be for Blagojevich? In the car: "Oh, jeez. Everybody check their shoes. Somebody must have stepped in Blagojevich back there."

Or, when someone keeps griping about something that is entirely their own fault: "Will you knock off the Blagojeviching? Just shut up!"

Oops, Letterman, and some other folks, are way ahead of me. Carry on, then.

2. I have changed my mind about Gitmo. I had thought it should be closed, as a prison anyway, as soon as possible. But I was wrong. We are clearly going to need it.... to house all these Democratic governors (Bill Richardson, Elliott Spitzer, Rod Blagojevich, who knows who is next). There is no other way to shut them up.