Friday, January 23, 2009

Vote for Jesus?

Evo Morales is a pretty good politician. He ousted Goni, became president and survived a recall vote. But now, he's apparently in the race of his life against the Son of God!

Well, actually, it's just that Jesus is opposed to Evo's proposed new constitution:

"At the heart of the latest controversy is the new constitution's stated goal of "refounding" Bolivia as a socially-just state guided by indigenous beliefs -- including elevating the Andean earth deity Pachamama to the same stature as Christianity's God. It would recognize broad new rights for Bolivia's Indians, termed "original indigenous peasant peoples" in the document, and demand "decolonization" of all aspects of society. Bolivia's current constitution allows for freedom of religion but specifies Roman Catholicism as the sole state religion."

It's even "worse" than that, from the point of view of Bolivian evangelicals:

"the fight is over fundamental values, which they say the new constitution tramples on, and replaces with ultra-liberal, atheist concepts or worse, those of indigenous religions. They say the constitution appears to open the door to abortion and gay marriage, although it doesn't speak directly to either issue."

Oh my.

However, Jesus is weighing down on Evo:

"In a country that is officially 97.5% Christian, the stance of church leaders carries significant weight. So much so that on Sunday Mr. Morales -- who has actively promoted indigenous beliefs, including appointing traditional medicine men to his government -- publicly declared himself a Catholic, though saying he believes "quite a bit" in Pachamama."

I say: ¡Bolivianos! ¡Voten por Evo!

Hat tip to Mrs. Angus


Anonymous said...

Jesus seems too out of touch to be president. Evo's not much better but at least he doesn't claim to be both God and the son of God. You can't be both! Make up your mind!

Anonymous said...

The grammatical thing would be: ¡Bolivianos! ¡Votad a Evo!

--- alfanje

Angus said...

Well, yes and no. the verb should be plural and it's kind of an imperative so "Voten" is probably the correct form. Not sure what "Votad" is getting at. Also I'll stick with "por" Evo instead of "a" Evo. Oh and you are of course right about the upside down exclamation points.

Julian said...

"Voten" and "Votad" are both valid. The first form is more common in Latin American countries, while the latter is more used in Spain. The correct preposition is "por" though.

Anonymous said...

The correct preposition for those of us who want to get rid of a madman devoid of his own personality and judgment is "a", so "Voten o Votad a Evo". We do not need a puppet of Chavez in Bolivia.

Anonymous said...

Correction for above comment by the same person who wrote it. The verbs should be "boten or botad" from the verb 'Botar" - to throw out.

Angus said...

LOL, I get you now,

Boten a Evo!

nice ring, but it didn't happen.

Dave said...

I think the 2nd commenter said "Votad" because that's the vosotros conjugation which is used in older Spanish translations of the Bible.