Saturday, June 13, 2009

Binh Minh in Frankfurt

Had a first rate dinner last night. Some (three) fine hefeweizen at the hotel, talking to the other conference participants. A really terrific group of folks, very diverse, with interesting backgrounds.

Then, off to Binh Minh, a Vietnamese restaurant, on Ostendstrasse. It is SUCH a tourist cliche, but I have to say it: The soups. Lord, the Vietnamese soups are good. You just can't go wrong. At our table, as for entrees, I'd say the duck was perhaps a little dry, but good. The seafood dishes were good, the vegetables wonderful, and my slurpy "Big Boy" bowl of noodles (the restaurant didn't call it that, but Hartmut Kliemt DID call it that, and my table gleefully took up the cry) was just fine.

I got to walk back with Tony de Jasay, who doesn't see well. He took my arm, to steady himself on the cobblestones and curbs. We had the most delightful talk. What a great guy. Some people are just overwhelming, without trying to be. Tony is nearly blind, and nearly deaf, and still WAY more interesting and charming than I am.

The Lovely Ms. Mungowitz, and the Younger Younger Munger, arrived here in Frankfurt without incident. They are upstairs having some well-deserved naps in our hotel rooms. Tonight: I buy the YYM his first legal bier. And we all go out to dinner. It should be fun. We are crossing the river Main, and going to the art museum....