Friday, June 12, 2009

Her name is Rio

But it's pronounced " hee-ou"!!

Mrs A and I are here enjoying the city and the glorious clusterf"&@k that is LASA.

The line to pick up conference materials for preregistered and prepaid participants was about a kilometer long. The average distance from a conference hotel to the conference site is about an $8 cab ride. It's also weird to hear so much Spanish and English being spoken in this place.

Brazilian Portugese is a beautiful language to hear, but pretty hard to understand, at least for this SSL'er.

Sunday we head inland


Jose Costa said...

I am from Angola, like Brazil we are a former colony of Portugal, so we speak Portuguese. We do not call it Angolan Portuguese, just Portuguese. What you call Brazilian Portuguese, is normally just known as Portuguese.

Anonymous said...

Jose, many Americans distinguish between Peninsular Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese because they *sound* so different to us... especially, as Angus alludes to, for people who speak Spanish as a second language. We might understand much of what is said by a speaker of one but very little by the other!

I will say though, I have never heard Angolan Portuguese spoken. I wonder how it compares to the other varieties.