Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How Can It Be So Darned COLD?

This is buggin' me. It is going to 4 deg C tonight, and 2 deg C tomorrow night. That's 36 F for tomorrow eve. It's not like I'm in the mountains (Erlangen is about 1100 -- 1250 feet above sea level, not even 400 meters, even up on the Berg).

I would like to point out that this is JUNI, not März, for heaven's sake. The brass monkeys are all complaining, in high pitched voices.

So, if you are in Germany, and are waiting for a bus, here are some conversation starters, no matter WHO you are talking to (lots of visitors during Bergkirchweih, so you want to be prepared in all languages). "It is cold!"

French – il fait froid
German – es ist kalt
Italian – fa freddo
Spanish – hace frío
Portuguese – faz frio
Hungarian – hideg van
Dutch – het is koud
Mandarin Chinese – tyen heun lung
Polish – jest zimno
Romanian – este frig

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Unknown said...

Lessons learned, part iv:
"A Schafskälte or Schafkälte is a statistically frequent European weather phenomenon. A true "sheep's cold spell" can result in a temperature drop of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius (9-18 Fahrenheit degrees) during the period between June 4 to June 18 (most often around June 11). The name comes from the risk to freshly shorn sheep from the unusually cold weather. It usually results from cool and damp northwesterly winds."