Saturday, December 12, 2009

England is SO SCREWED

Sorry to have been so obsessed about England lately.

But what a seriously messed up place.

Here is a guy who is being fined (a LOT) for....not producing enough garbage! I have blogged before about the government claiming to own your garbage,!

(Nod to Reason Daily Brickbats)


Shawn said...

...i'm currently revising/standardizing that graphic essay that I sent you last semester on recycling, looking at/critiquing some of the command&control and guided market economics papers mentioned in an EJW piece by a GMU student.

I'll forward it when it's done...which needs to be by wednesday, if you're interested. :)

pino said...

This reminds me of Obama's health care.

When you DON'T use our system, we will fine you!