Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Taking off the blinders

Great post by Seth Roberts on the so called Climategate affair.

Here is a particularly good bit:

According to Stephen Dubner, “if you are fan of science, this [Climategate] is a pretty grim day.” I think it’s a great day. As great as the day the first math text was printed. It’s the first time a large number of people are getting a real lesson in science. Mainstream media coverage is pathetic but there are so many bloggers it doesn’t matter. You can read about it endlessly. As you do, you will painlessly and unforgettably learn what Leonard Syme taught his students for years, and what I blogged about a few weeks ago: The apparent consensus on any difficult issue is more fragile than it looks. You are learning how conclusions are actually arrived at. It isn’t pretty — which textbook writers and professors, seeking dignity above all else, fail to mention.

Well said!


Anonymous said...

So does this mean that the year-round Arctic ice sheet won't disappear by 2013?

Anonymous said...

Correct. Because that's the point he was making.

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Great post as you say, I think that goverments should invest more money in education and science.

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