Friday, May 20, 2011

We Are in Deep Trouble

If Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the


member of the Supreme Court who understands the 4th Amendment, we are in deep doo-doo.

This case illustrates

1. Why we actually need liberals on the Supreme Court. F*cking conservatives like Alito and John Roberts only care about the Constitution when it's conveeeeenient. This case is like something you use in an undergrad class to illustrate the 4th Amendment. Instead, 8 yo-yos used it to OVERTURN the 4th Amendment.

2. Why the insane war on drugs is insane. The only reason cops are all armed and jumpy and going after people who have not hurt anyone is the stupid laws. Like the Corporate Avenger said, "I don't fault the police. 'Cause the people who run 'em got 'em on a short leash."

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Tom said...

It was 1989, Texas v. Johnson, SCOTUS struck down flag desecration statutes. I remember being happy, then shocked: it was only 5 to 4; there's FOUR people on the F***ing Supreme Court who don't understand this?!

Shocked again, but hardly surprised...