Saturday, May 28, 2011

Williams Hoax, But Still True Conclusion

So, there's list of ten reasons why BHO will win, written by my friend Dr. Walter Williams (better friend of long-time GMU colleague Angus, of course, but still my friend).

Except that it's a silly hoax. Really.

Except that in fact the conclusion is correct, and I said so months ago. BHO cannot lose the election, now that the idiot Repubs took the House. No one will vote Repub after being reminded what a bunch of fakes and frauds the US House is led by.

Oh, yes, I did go there.

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Expected Optimism said...

Americans don't care who controls the House, and most of us probably don't even know what the House is. Polls from 2008 show that most Obama voters thought Republicans controlled Congress. The only way Obama will win in 2012 is if he convinces America that he's not actually in control-- that the Republicans, controlling only half of Congress, are actually running the whole country, and therefore they're the ones who failed to get us out of this mess we're in. And who knows, maybe he'll succeed.