Monday, May 16, 2011

We are who we thought we were! governor in action:

(Gov. Beverly) Perdue said, according to her staff. "We are North Carolina, and we have chosen to become that because of our generational legacy of education."

1. I have no idea what that means. But I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually mean anything.

2. That was not a direct quote. That was the part of what Bev said that her staff thought was hard-hitting and meaningful. Imagine what they left out.

Here's the thing. NC's Dept of Public Instruction employs hundreds of androids and goof-offs who NEVER go near a classroom. Our state DPI has a huge building right down from the Leg Office Building with a big mural. "You are suitable to be awed."

(Nope, not a clue what that means, either. Guy must write for all the state offices, including Bev.)

Prime real estate. Has to be worth $10 million or more, with a payroll of another $10 million. I'd say, "you are suitable to be SOLD," NCDPI building.

How about this: abolish the NCDPI, sell the giant admin building. That would be $10 million this year for schools, and $10 million a year from now on in savings. AND NOT ONE ACTUAL TEACHER WOULD BE LAID OFF. Just a bunch of professional Democrats sucking on the public teat.

Seems to me the Gov should get back to her real specialty, taking money from poor people and pretending to help them.

UPDATE: Got this email... "I looked at the pic of the dept of ed building, and it looks like it actually says: "You are a child. You are suitable to be awed." Of course I first thought it was a translation from a well-known Japanese saying, or maybe some unique translation from the bible. But after reading it again I'm convinced they got it from a child molester that used it as a pick up line. "And ya know what will awe you? DEEZ!"

What kid doesn't want to be "awed" - even if they don't know what it means.

It's really creepy, I hope you're planning to run again...please."


Unknown said...

So, what does the NCDPI actually DO? What I mean is, what are they SUPPOSED to be doing? because it sounds like a completely made up government agency taking away real money from actual educators. GRRR!!!

Richard Stands said...

Suitable to be odd?

Tal said...

Maybe it means children are adorable? Like, it's supposed to say, "You are a child. You are suitable to be awwwwwwwed", but they ran out of room because of that cute picture of a transparent schoolhouse on a Carolina blue canoe.