Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Wal-mart of Weed

A 21,000 square foot one stop shop for growing the chronic, complete with an on-site doctor to get you signed up for using medical marijuana has just opened up in Phoenix.

Scores of thousands of terrorized Mexican families breathe a sigh of relief and hope these stores are soon ubiquitous here in Gringolandia.

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Studio Hayek said...

Neat video!

I especially like their accents.

I once was being interviewed for a secret clearance for my engineering job and was asked why I had smoked pot when I knew it was illegal. I tried to explain to the man that it wasn't illegal in my college dorm at UC Santa Cruz. The dorm hallways were cloudy with marijuana smoke. It wasn't until I heard Don Boudreaux describe the difference between law and legislation that I realized that the marijuana law in my dorm was different than that understood by this federal worker.