Tuesday, June 07, 2011

When You Read This, I'll Be in Munich

Get to Munich at 7:30 am on Tuesday, staying at the Conrad Hotel de Ville on Schillerstrasse, right by the Hauptbahnhoff.

Heading up to Erlangen on Thursday, giving several talks, and staying at the Hotelchen am Theater on Theaterstrasse.

Of course, it just HAPPENS to be time for ... Bergkirchweih!

Also "on tap" (forgive me): A return to the very worst Mexican restaurant in the world! The single most viewed page in KPC history, and the YYM and I are going to see if it has gotten even worse.


Troll said...

For a man who calls himself a capitalist, I am dissapointed you are going back to the worst Mexican restaurant in the world. Maybe this time your post on the restaurant will get you into P-Krug page viewing numbers :)

Anonymous said...

That has e-coli written all over it--when do you come to drink pints with Tommy?