Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Just can't do math!

It's plausible to think that some people are better at math than others (though if you speculate about why, you may be fired, like Larry Summers) (though this is interesting).

But no one of normal intelligence "can't do math."

Marc Bellemare's story.

Of course, this is how Marc dressed up his dog for Halloween.  So, even though he's good at MATH now, he has two "pupkins" in his house. (He'll probably try to blame Janet).

UPDATE:  If facebook doesn't put out....the pupkin pic:

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Jeff said...

How does Larry Summers' expressed view that the distribution of mathematical ability is different for men and women, leading to greater percentages of men being among the best and worst translate into "women can't do math?"

I guess that's why she calls herself mathbabe, not readingcomprehensionbabe.