Friday, November 22, 2013

So Fantastic: Best Grand Game EVER

Got this email.  Here is the email (redacted to protect identity):

Remember, when you are grocery shopping, check out where your produce, fish and seafood come from, among other items. I never understood the logic of buying apples from Chile, blueberries from Mexico, shrimp from Thailand and -- heaven forbid -- fish from China when all of those can be found here in the US.

If you shop at Costco or any of the big warehouse stores, be sure to check your labels there too. They are notorious for selling imported goods. Pass it on!

S**** E******* (561) 254-****

And here is the informative expose video that you can't afford to miss!  (With thanks to Joel)



Steve said...

I like the "it'll cost just a liiiiiiitle bit more, but it's worth it."

Proof? Nah, bro, just show a fire hydrant shooting hot, wet American jobs all over the rest of the world.

Steve said...

I also find the word choice of "notorious" to be interesting.

Warren said...

Do people really exist that have never heard that winter time in the northern hemisphere is summer in the southern?

But I suppose that's irrelevant; we should all ban buying fresh fruit in the winter to show those Chileans who's boss.

kebko said...

I dream of a day when I see economists correcting people who say that jobs are off-shored to where wages are low.

They are actually off-shored to where wages are rising.

This subtle misunderstanding of how the world works is the foundation of an awful lot of nonsense.

Gene said...

Buy more US apples, he suggests. The Utilized apple crop in the US in 2012 was 9.1 billion tons. In 2012 Americans consumed an average of 48 pounds of apple products (whole, juice,or otherwise processed). With a population of 315 million that means we need about 15.120 billion pounds of apple products to satisfy domestic consumption. 15,120 billion is greater than 9.1 billion last I check. Where does the genius in the video think the rest is coming from?

OregonGuy said...

Why don't we just mandate 100% US production, and have done with it?

michael said...

how come it's only the crazy, irrational, and non-sensical videos and posts that encourage "share this with just two people"

I've never seen that on a smart video (or email for that matter)

Pelsmin said...

Hard to tell if this video makes sense.

On the Plus side:
1) His sleeves are rolled up, indicating that he's so busy working he doesn't have time to dress properly for this video.
2) He uses pie charts, so his arguments must be objective and fact-based.

On the minus side:
1) He opens up misusing the term "outsourcing" when he clearly means a completely different term, "offshoring." Perhaps his only error occurs in establishing the conceptual premise of the video.
2) His solution, "buy 5% more things from the US," as shown in the pie chart, is illustrated with a mathematical error showing people buying 1% more things made in the US. He doesn't know the difference between "5% of the 20% you buy from the US today" and "5% of the total purchases you make today."

So maybe this guy is completely right, and only made a mistake in his premise and his conclusion.

Oh, and his other points are wrong too. For example, tell Apple that they had to move all their design jobs to be near the factories in China.

Michael said...

Where are these anonymous economists that always receive a passing reference in this bogus arguments? Why do so many people let activists get away with saying "economists say" followed by a statement contradicted by economic consensus?

Tununak said...

To me the main question is, how did this person form his ill-conceived views, and how can we stop others from forming similar views? He probably went to college, and he may have taken an economics course. How come he still thinks this way?