Friday, November 29, 2013

Oklahoma is hiring in Time Series Econometrics!

It has been suggested to me that our ad in Job Openings for Economists is unclear, but we are hiring at the assistant level for Time Series!

Pay will be in the 6 figures (and is negotiable), teaching load is 2/2, start up funds, initial course load and summer support are negotiable, there is travel money available and we have a PhD. program and a funded seminar series.

If you are a time series person please consider applying! Operators are standing by.


Simon Spero said...

I see that position is restricted to "time series person"s. Is this more secular humanist bigotry?

Angus said...

Hey I'd take a time series horse if they can get the job done!

Gerardo said...

He'd give an ARMAnd a leg for a good time series colleague.