Thursday, March 27, 2014

LeBron Interrupted: Marginal Revolution Gets a Pepper Solution

LeBron was pepper sprayed as a right-wing bad guy by an angry restaurant owner?

Sam Goldwyn was said to have remarked once, "That's so unbelievable, it's incredible."

Some guy goes into LeBron's class and tries to "arrest" him?  Then the guy pepper sprays him?

When D-Boo and D-Kly are right down the hallway?  Tyler's pretty inoffensive and fair-minded, by the standards set by GMU Econ faculty.

More here.  I wonder if the guy was a spurned restaurant owner, one that Tyler had critiqued as lacking the proper atmosphere for his dive.

When I first heard about this, and the report said that "a deranged man" had entered Tyler's classroom, I assumed they meant David Levy.

Tyler, sensibly, has not himself posted about this on MR.  The whole "break into my class, pepper spray me, and I'll make you famous" pattern is not incentive compatible.

UPDATE:  This is cool.  Tyler was teaching a section on vigilantes!   So the class thought that the "attack" was staged.

UPDATE II:  More seriously, I have absolutely no reason to believe that the attack was ideologically motivated, none.  I object when people assume that some gunman is a right wing nut, so I should say that there is no reason to think that this person was a left wing nut.  He may just have been deranged.  I do stand by the whole "David Levy" thing, however.

UPDATE III:  Here is a video about pepper spray and firing guns.  A Russian man learns that "pepper spray is bad shit."   With thanks to Kevin Lewis...

UPDATE IV:  Sexual harrassment, and computer hacking?  Yup, the guy is just nuts.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

But They Were NOT Forced From the Marketplace!

 Instead, we bailed them out.  GM was poorly managed.  Yes, they had dumb labor relations.  But mostly they had dumb leaders.  They should have been allowed to die.

Management Practices, Relational Contracts, and the Decline of General Motors 

Susan Helper & Rebecca Henderson 
Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2014, Pages 49-72 

Abstract: General Motors was once regarded as the best-managed and most successful firm in the world. However, between 1980 and 2009, GM's US market share fell from 46 to 20 percent, and in 2009 the firm went bankrupt. We argue that the conventional explanation for this decline — namely high legacy labor and healthcare costs — is seriously incomplete, and that GM's share collapsed for many of the same reasons that many highly successful American firms of the 1960s were forced from the market, including a failure to understand the nature of the competition they faced and an inability to respond effectively once they did. We focus particularly on the problems GM encountered in developing the relational contracts essential to modern design and manufacturing, and we discuss a number of possible causes for these difficulties. We suggest that GM's experience may have important implications for our understanding of the role of management in the modern, knowledge-based firm and for the potential revival of manufacturing in the United States.

Nod to Kevin Lewis 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

When Does It Become a Gun?

So, it's not a gun yet.  In fact, it's not a receiver yet.

But it could be.  And it's polymer, which won't show up as metal on a scanner.

Still, the bullets would show up, and so would most of the rest of the gun.  This is not really a legitimate seizure here.

Or is it?  I have to admit ATF is in kind of a tough spot here, trying to enforce a vague law.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  NOOOOOObody expects the philosopher inquisition.  Actually, that's not true.  Angry Alex expects it.

2.  This is not complicated.  The premise of Obamacare, the foundational assumption, is that we are going to force poor people to get insurance.  Force.  As in gunpoint, coerce, etc.  Pretending that is not true is actually a bad situation much worse.  Now, one can agree or disagree that this is a good idea.  But pretending it's not true is just silly...and dangerous.

3.  Divorce:  Institutions matter.

4.  A report.  What I see:  "What Americans Spend on ILLEGAL Drugs."  What Republicans claim to see:  "What Americans Spend on Illegal DRUGS."

5.  What's odd is that anyone thinks this is odd.  Funny, yes.  And Chateau enjoyed it a lot.   Incentives matter.

6.  I've met Senator McConnell.  In many ways, I admire Senator McConnell.  But this was a bad idea.  Here are some reasons why.  Does the Senator deserve to be treated this way?  Of course not; he's a Senator, and in fact has provided lots of good service to the country (like Dick Durbin, another man I don't agree with all.)  Should Senator McConnell have seen this coming, with such a creepy and long ad?  Yes, yes, he should have. For the best of everything, let's go McConnelling!

7.  The Big Bang...

8.  I thought it was BruSELLs, but apparently it's BruBUYs.

9.  Very cute.  Though, exactly the same sort of thing happens to me all the time.  Except for the "you're right" part.  But drinking...pretty much every night.

10.  Nothing is really alive.

11.  You can't caricature a caricature.  "Cartoonish"?  Seriously?  The Times long ago abandoned any pretense of objectivity, but this is a bit much even for them.

12.  It's a good day.  A great day would be only private drones, no state drones, but this will do.

13.  Interesting, and useful.  NOT legal advice, however.  I should restate the KPC "comment policy":  we'll delete comments if we feel like it.  We don't ever feel like it (I can't remember having deleted a comment, except for spambot posts), but it's our blog.

14.  Nice.  If people are still willing to live in Illinois, they must be too "in love" to leave. So let's tax the bejeezus out of them!

15.  If you are a toe-sucker, that's a little strange.  But why, oh why, would you want to ply your trade at WalMart?

16.  This is a bit different from the usual silly troll-piece on "questions libertarians can't answer."  This is actually data from surveys.  Useful.

17.  Finally, some USEFUL dating advice.

18.  Wolves love a good belly rub.  But then, who doesn't?

19.  Lots of amazing things in this story.  I count at least four.  The MOST amazing thing is that this bozo went outside in Maine on such a cold day with no shirt.

20.  I get goose bumps.  Lots of my libertarian colleagues are not big fans of the N.A., but I get goose bumps.

21.  Cute, and a little quirky.  They took the dog?

22.  The one that got away....

23.  Some people just have trouble playing on a team.

24.  In order to protect the wildlife, we had to kill the wildlife.

25.  "Gibberish talker finds fame, heads to US."  My understanding that being gibberish talker makes you qualified to be a female US Senator from Massachusetts, for example.

26.  Vaccination?  I don't need no steenkin' vaccination!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spongebob Square Pants

Okay, so the Russian Army may be an arm of evil, but this is pretty cool.

Nod to M. Kaan.