Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Citizen Self-Arrest Form

An alert, but anonymous, reader sends in a delightful revelation!

The University of Oklahoma (The Angusian crib!) has a helpful website designed to make it easier for people to get to know police on the "beat." I have always thought "beat cops" was redundant, but that is their metaphor.

Still talking may not be enough: What if you need actually to ARREST yourself? As the site notes, it would save tax dollars.

Well, the OU information people are up to the job: Here is your citizen's self-arrest form. Ideally, you would put on handcuffs, on yourself, and wait for a big sweaty campus policeman to come "beat" you with a nightstick. In New Orleans, that will cost you an extra $100, but in Norman, you can get it for FREE.

That is one progressive place!

(Also, check this picture of the "chief": note the halo effect, a kind of medieval saint thing).

(Yes, I understand this may precipitate attacks on Durham. But these days, that is almost too easy)


Angus said...

I think Mungowitz, if you read the second link closely, you will see that it IS a form for arresting your own bad self, and, upon reflection, you will realize that you are a victim of that devilishly wicked Okie sense of humor that Mrs. Angus and I love so well. Allow me to quote from the link:

"Thus, if YOU commit a crime, it would be extremely helpful (and provide a savings of tax dollars) for you to perform a Citizen's Self-Arrest"

Angus said...

oh so now you revise your post so that my comment doesn't make sense anymore? wow, no wonder all your previous co-bloggers quit on u.

Mungowitz said...

Angus is correct. I uploaded the post accidently, and Mr. Eye du Eagle saw it. I was hoping to sneak in the revision before anyone DID see it.

In my defense (since this does violate the bloggers' code, which are more like general guidelines, GARRRR!):

1. I meant to hit "save", not "upload."

2. It was only up for a moment. I didn't think the revision was significant enough to merit a mea culpa, which I am now willing to offer.

3. Angus is my first co-blogger. So, it is true that "all" my previous co-bloggers quit. It is also true that all my previous co-bloggers where named "Ghandi," and achieved a level of being that transcended the corporeal, and transformed themselves into pure energy.