Monday, September 24, 2007

Universe to Greenspan: ZIP IT MISTER!!

Ex-Fed jefe Alan Greenspan has certainly put the "tire" in retirement in record time. He just won't shut up. He's ripping the Dems on trade, Bush on deficits, the Republican Congress on underfunded entitlements, talking about how "fear still grips" the markets, causally tossing out recession probabilities, endorsing a candidate in the IMF chief race, and has even offered up his opinions about attacking Iran. Holy Crap!

Bob Woodward in the throes of his man-crush labeled Al "the Maestro" but it seem clear that more accurate nicknames would be "the Narcissist" or "the Amnesiac".

Ben Bernanke is doing his best to clean up Greenspan's mess and is not publically laying anything at Alan's door. Paul Volcker left the Fed quietly without become an all purpose guru and stepping all over new appointee Greenspan. Apparently the Maestro believes neither in paying it forward nor the golden rule. On second thought he seems to believe in a modified golden rule: Do whatever you gotta do to get the gold!

I can't decide whether to urge people to boycott his book or just have everyone in the world buy a copy, so that maxed out Al can then just go away.

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Anonymous said...

like all good politicians/central bankers, Al got his in advance. $8.5 million in advance, in fact. So, don't buy it; Al don't care 'cause making up the shortfall is the next guy's problem.