Monday, September 24, 2007

One potato, two potato, three potato, four.....

According to the Economist, inflation in Argentina is running at 9.1% for the year so far. Not bad by their historical standards, but still the second highest rate among the 42 countries tracked by the magazine. The head of the Argentine central bank recently stated that it was cause for worry, which prompted the following response from the Kirchner government delivered by Cabinet chief Alberto Fernández: "En la Argentina no existe inflación" (Inflation does not exist in Argentina).


Alberto claims people are confounding a change in relative prices with an overall rise in the price level: "Descubren que la papa sube y entonces todos hablan de la papa, pero que la papa sube no quiere decir que hay un aumento generalizado de precios"

translation: They see potato prices go up and then everyone talks about potatoes, but a rise in potato prices doesn't mean there is a generalized rise in all prices.

cojones no le faltan.

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Mungowitz said...

Estos no son "cojones." Estos son jeuvos de avestruzes.