Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mickey Rivers take me home

Mrs. Angus was grading the first assignment in one of her classes this week and noticed a name on a (failing) paper that was not familiar to her. In due course it turned out to belong to a young squire who, while sporadically attending, had not bothered to register for the class. But my initial reaction was to tell Mrs. A that she was having a Mickey Rivers moment.

When I was a lad in college (Jimmy Carter was president! Dinosaurs walked the earth!) Mickey Rivers was in his weird whacky prime. In an astronomy class where we had to sign an attendance sheet each class, I took to adding the name Mickey Rivers to the list. On the first exam, I grabbed an extra scantron (oh yes it was a rigorous course indeed) and randomly filled it out and affixed Mickey Rivers' name to the top. My comedy dreams came true when the exam was returned with the professor walking up an aisle of the room saying "Mickey Rivers? Mickey Rivers?"

Mrs. A's squire needs the class to graduate, but the deadline for adding a course is long past. Of course that may be good news for him as he is actually failing a class in which he is not enrolled!!

Boomer Sooner.

PS. my favorite Mickey Rivers quote is his response to Reggie Jackson's claim that he (Jackson) had an IQ of 160: "What, out of a thousand??"


Mungowitz said...

That's darned funny. I don't know why more students don't do that in large classes.

And, why in the world would a kid not register, and then take the test? Best to Ms. Angus, who must have thought she was going crazy.

Shawn said...

sucks to be that kid. poor schmuck prolly thinks he's registered.