Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Barbara Boxer breaks down the "Big 3" crisis

Right here:

“One of the reasons [automakers] are in trouble is they’re fighting us all the time,” Boxer told reporters Monday.

Yes Barbara, if everyone would just pay more attention to the US Senate we really wouldn't have any problems at all.


Anonymous said...

Anonyman here (I'm taking a break from my recovering republican 12 step program).

I have to say I see her point. In the world of DC she's right. The Big 3 spend tens of millions a year on lobbyists. Why didn't they work with the Senate (where the action usually is, except if it's a 700B bailout), to have them included in the aforementioned spending orgy, or have written the 25B in loan guarantees bill wiggle room to spend on other stuff (which is what you pay lobbyists to do)?

If I were a Senator I would ask these painfully obvious questions:

Did you fire your lobbyists? If not, why? And if you get this $ will you agree to not pay them anymore?

Not that I think it will actually matter. As it looks like the big 3 are already planning the next step. Come back in 3 months saying that they need more $ or they will go belly-up and the taxpayer will lose all there investment.

Before someone charges me with cynicism, I present exhibit A:


term papers writing said...

if everyone would just pay more attention to the US Senate...

if I were a president...

if this party is elected...


There are always so many IFs! People will never be completely happy and will never have any problems at all.