Friday, December 05, 2008

Women Should be Tools of Change?

Will Wilkinson, as always, makes some very fine points.

TruthThroughAction is not content to communicate merely that Republicans are a disgusting caste apart, but suggests that men with the right politics deserve to be sexually rewarded, or should at least be encouraged to believe that, not only will they escape painful shunning for registering Republican (or Green or Liberartian), but that the chances are good that they will be sexually rewarded for registering, voting, being Democrat. Implicit in this message is that the bodies of faithful Democratic women are tools for securing the success of Democratic politicians and their clients. For what is the sexual life of a young woman if not a means to the greater glory of the Service Employees International Union? What is casual fornication if not a Duty to the Party.

Lagniappe: Why oh why is "Gordon Tullock Sucks" the most common search over on widget on the middle right?


Tom said...

Our action hero is SO much better off for discovering the airheaditis early.

Robert S. Porter said...

You can thank me for putting "Gordon Tullock sucks". A while back Will was doing a feature where he'd write an article about the top 3 search terms. I was battling it out with some guy who was trying to get "Gordon Tullock" to be number one so I made "Gordon Tullock sucks". But to be clear, I don't actually think that.

Anonymous said...

Field reports on campus suggest that there is indeed a positive correlation between female attractiveness and democrat views.

- the closet republican mike

Anonymous said...

btw. please note: that's not (mike) munger :)