Monday, December 15, 2008

Bush is a four letter word

He's going to do it. Against the votes of the Republican congressional delegation, against a majority of the opinion of the public at large, against all economic logic (people even Joe Stiglitz says bankruptcy is the way to go for the beggy 3), W is gonna give the most undeserved christmas present ever. I can't wait to see the "tough conditions" that will be attached.

While I have already noted my sympathy and support for the beggy 3 work force, those management teams simply cannot get any more support or money. They have pissed away hundreds of billions of dollars of value.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about all this was Cheney's "Herbert Hoover time" remark. People, the Bush administration is way way way down looking up at Hoover in the presidential rankings.

Hoover didn't topple a foreign leader only to let the conquered country sink into years of violent anarchy. Hoover wasn't commander in chief of troops that heaped vile abuse on prisoners in the very prison where the previous leader committed some of his atrocities. Hoover didn't push for torture. Hoover didn't sign anything nearly as sickening as the Patriot Act. Hoover didn't kill SCHIP expansion on cost grounds only to throw $15 billion into a complete and total rathole the next year (I am not saying SCHIP is a good program, I am just saying it's way more worthy that a 15 billion sop to the beggy 3).

Has any alleged free market, small government, personal liberty person ever done more to hurt the causes of free markets, small government and personal liberty?

I truly think W is one of the very worst, if not the absolute worst, president of all time.


Dirty Davey said...

Bush is only a "alleged free market, small government, personal liberty person" if you somehow believe the fiction that the Republican party has been propagating for the last several decades.

Bush has been a great success. He was elected to loot the government on behalf of the monied interests, and they have indeed gotten a lot of loot.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Jackson was worse but W would fall nicely into second.

Anonymous said...

Buchanan! Fillmore! dave.s.

Anonymous said...

but he can dodge a shoe quite well:

SSFC said...

Geez you're hard Angus. Off the top of my head, Buchanan, Grant, Nixon, Fillmore, and Johnson (Lyndon, not Andrew) were worse.

I'd rank Bush a bit below Jimmy Carter and Herbert Hoover.

Anonymous said...

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